The Beach Club has a new website!

The Beach Club has new website! Leave a comment, ask question or make suggestion by clicking the title of post.

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48 thoughts on “The Beach Club has a new website!

  1. Good afternoon William,

    During the off season we are able to accommodate stays of less than a week however due to the weeks being owned on a Sunday to Sunday basis the nights must fall between them. Your desired dates of May 6-9, 2016 include Sunday night therefore we would not be able to arrange a stay for those dates. If your dates are flexible, we would be able to reserve a room for you checking in on Thursday May 5 and checking out Sunday May 8, 2016. Please contact us with any additional questions or to reserve a unit.

    Thank you,

    Brian Chamberlain
    Lic. Broker Associate

    Rental Manager & Real Estate Sales

  2. We are looking at the month of August 2016.
    We would need 1 unit (2 bedrooms) for the first week and 2 units (2 bedrooms) for the second week.
    We enjoy staying for the entire month but would like to see those prices before making that decision.
    We also enjoy the ocean front units…top floor preferable.

    Please send info to me regarding prices and pictures. Thank you.

  3. Do you have anythig availalbe for 2 adults with a check in date of Wednesday April 20, 2016 and check out on Saturday April 23, 2016 (prefer check out after lunch). If so what are the rates.
    Thank you

  4. What would the rate be for a May 6TH-May 8TH stay? My son is graduating and UCF and we are driving up to St Augustine for the weekend afterwards and I am looking for accomodations.

  5. Spending a week with you guys at The Beach Club was like spending a week in heaven. Thank you for all the excellent service, perfect accommodations and beautiful setting!!

    • Hi Candace, we are so glad to hear you enjoyed your stay at The Beach Club! Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Hi Sue,
      Glad you like the new website; thanks for checking it out and participating in the blog! Unfortunately, The Beach Club no longer has bike rentals, however there are several places very near by that do. We can give you a list of them when you arrive or if you want to call or email us we’d be happy to provide them to you prior to your arrival. Thanks again!

  6. I am having a problem finding the calendar for 2017 to make my reservations.

    • Hi Helen – You can find link to a calendar on the left side of the homepage of Make sure you select the Sunday to Sunday calendar. We’ll see what we can do about getting one posted here too. Thanks for using our new blog!

  7. Hi Carrie,The Beach Club does not have any 3 bedroom units; 2/2 is the largest we have. There are whole ownership condos on either side of us at 1 and 4 Ocean Trace Road, so the address may just be a mistake. Good luck on your search and if you can use a smaller unit, please give us a call!

  8. Are you an RCI points resort? We are looking for RCI exchange for the Week of 8/72016. what do you have available?

    • Hi Brice – Yes, The Beach Club does participate in the RCI points program. We would not know what RCI has available, but I believe you can check availability by going to their website at They normally fill everything our owners bank with them, so your best bet would be to put in an ongoing search for the dates you want. Hope to see you in August!

  9. AS always excellent !!!!!! For 30 years it has been excellent! Always enjoy every minute. I watched the pool guy set up one morning . He was incredibly meticulous.

    Rhonda I forget every year what the dates for Prime and which are premium. See, I’m growing old with you. Would you let me know?

  10. Diane Everett June 3, 2016. My husband and I have been coming to the Beach Club for sometime now first as guests and now owners and all of your staff has always made us feel right at home (especially Michelle and Kathy). This is definitely our home away from home. Just commenting that we love your new website.

    • Thanks Diane! We loving seeing the same guests return year after year too. It really is like having family come to visit.

  11. I am really hoping that a “no smoking by the pool” policy will be enforced. During my recent stay, it seemed like people were coming to sit by the pool to smoke! I was surrounded by cigarettes and cigars, which is not only disgusting but also lethal. The pool is a common area and I feel that smoking should not be allowed by the pool. Smokers can simply take a few steps down the boardwalk or enjoy their smokes on their balconies, but allowing smoking by the pool around pregnant women and children doesn’t seem practical in this day and age when we know the dangers of second hand smoke. Please consider posting “no smoking” signs by the pool. I’m sure the smokers will understand.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your comments. This is something your Board of Directors is discussing, as it has been brought up by other guests also. As with any potential change, it will be given great consideration and thought. Your comments will be passed on to them, but please feel free to contact your Board of Directors with any suggestions or concerns you may have. Thanks again.

  12. My Mother was an owner at The Beach Club for 20 years and upon her passing in 2009 I have inherited ownership. I currently make the trip every summer with my daughter, from North Carolina. I have always loved this place as long as I can remember! We have booked our week this year, next month, August 21…but I’m hearing news about all this terrible bacteria affecting Florida’s panhandle beaches….please tell me that we’ll be able to get into the ocean in St. Augustine!

    • Hi Christy,
      We are glad to hear you and your family enjoy The Beach Club so much! We love it too!! We too are hearing about the bacteria in the gulf to the west of us and the algae bloom in the waters to the south of us, but rest assured our beaches are open and the waters are clean. These events are somewhat fairly normal occurrences in those areas, but they are getting a lot of media attention this year. I’ve lived in our area nearly 50 years and I can’t recall our beaches ever being closed due to water quality. I was on the water in a boat all day yesterday and it was beautiful and teeming with sea life such as dolphins/porpoise and sea turtles. Please feel free to check in with us anytime if you see or hear anything questionable in the media. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  13. Regarding the smoking issue. Why don’t one end of the pool be for smoking an the other for non smokers. It our vacation to for relaxing laying around the pool not going to beach just to smoke. It not fair to us!!!!!!

    • Hi Cindy,
      That may not be a bad idea and certainly gives us something to think about. There’s a Board of Directors meeting this coming weekend and I’ll be sure to share your suggestion with them. Thanks for your input!

  14. I have an RCI time share reservation for one week beginning Sunday October 16, however due to a family wedding in Pennsylvania on that day I won’t be arriving until Tuesday October 18 will that be a problem ? ( We will still be leaving the following Sunday, Oct. 23 )

    • Hi Bill,
      That’s no problem at all; your unit will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive on Tuesday. Enjoy the wedding and we’ll see you soon!

  15. we are surpose to checkin sunday 9 oct ….WHAT CAN WE EXPECT….ARE YOU PLANNING TO BE OPEN

    • Unfortunately, we will not be able to access the resort until at least Saturday, October 8th or Sunday, October 9th so we are unable to see the damage or if there is any. If you have reservations for Sunday please call the resort at 904-471-2626 Saturday or Sunday. There is no power at the resort at this time, 6pm Friday October 7, 2016.

      • we also have reservations for sunday 10/9/16. Tried calling B/C Saturday w rapid busy signal only indicating no phone service.
        Can we expect updates to email for all that have reservations for that week?? Phone calls to those of us who have “affected” reservations???

  16. The telephone number does not work at this time since there is no power, however, we are thrilled to hear everyone is ok. We are treading water in Gainesville waiting to hear about coming back for our second week, but after seeing the pictures we are fairly certain The Beach Club will not be open for quite a while.

  17. HI,

    Could you please let me know if you have a list of units for sale and wouldb e able to mail it. I’m interest in know what the cost would be for a 1 or 2 Bed Room unit that has ocean view. Cost, Maintenance and taxes fees.

    Thank you,

    Marcial C.

    • Hi Marcial – Thank you for your interest in The Beach Club. We are a floating time resort meaning you are not locked into a specific unit or week; only into the size of unit you own and the season. We have two seasons, one is basically the summer months and the other is everything else. Prices vary based on size and season. Please feel free to contact me at the resort at (904) 471-2626 or for more details. Thanks again!

  18. We own in Prime. What’s the earliest possible date to pay for 2018 maintenance fees and get the week banked with RCI?

    • Hi Judy, Prime Season reservations open on October 1 of each year for the following year. However, to get the best trading power for our owners, we pre-bank units with RCI earlier than that. Then when owners want something banked for them, we can just transfer it, with the higher trading power, out of our account and into theirs. We have some Prime Season weeks in the bank so you can send in your fees and request for your week to be banked for 2018 any time now; just please make sure to clearly indicate that it is for 2018. Thanks!

  19. My husband and I are looking for a three night rental-checking in March 29th and checking out April 1st.Do you have anything available? What would be the total price? We have stayed on your property several times and always enjoyed our stay. Thank you.

    • Hi Rhonda, thanks for your inquiry! We do have a couple of one bedroom units open for the dates you are interested in. They run $165 per night plus 10.5% tax. The rentals are handled by our management company, Cunningham Property Management, Corp. and they can be reached at 1-800-333-7335 or by email at: Hopefully we will see you again soon!

    • Hi Will – You have to be at least 25 years old to rent a unit at The Beach Club.

  20. I am unable to view the board meeting minutes. I was asked to input a login and password. I would like to know if the Board has addressed the topic of banning smoking around the pool. My husband and I were unable to use the pool during our week last summer. Every morning a group set up for the day at one of the covered tables, and they all smoked nonstop all day long. We are hoping we do not encounter the same situation again this summer. We would like to see the pool area be posted as “no smoking.” The children who use the pool should not be subjected to the stench of cigarette and cigar smoke, and neither should adults.

    • Hi Judy – Check the just recently sent News You Can Use for the password or email us at: for it. After much discussion at the last Board meeting your Board decided that our smoking guidelines/regulation would continue to mirror those set by the State of Florida. Smoking is prohibited in the enclosed common areas but is allowed in the open common areas.

  21. We are interested in acquiring a second week in the preferred season from an owner who would like to just get out from under the upcoming maintenance fee. Please reply if you have an interest. Thanks. Dave

    • Hi Dave,
      The Beach Club has some really good prices on resales right now. Please feel free to reach out to Rhonda at 904-471-2626 for details.
      Thank you

      • I was wondering if there is a site where owners can trade their week when they are not able to use at that particular time.
        It might be a helpful for the owners to just exchange among themselves.
        I hate to miss my week at the resort

        Thank you for any information you can pass along.

  22. I was wondering if there is a site where owners can trade their week when they are not able to use at that particular time.
    It might be a helpful for the owners to just exchange among themselves.
    I hate to miss my week at the resort

    Thank you for any information you can pass along.

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