Hurricane Matthew

Unfortunately, we will not be able to access the resort until at least Saturday, October 8th or Sunday, October 9th so we are unable to see the damage or if there is any. If you have reservations for Sunday, October 9th please call the resort at 904-471-2626 Saturday or Sunday. There is no power at the resort at this time, 6pm Friday October 7, 2016. We are all safe.

19 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew

  1. Just thinking of all of you at The Beach Club. Hope you didn’t suffer damage at your homes.

    I know you’re not yet able to check on the status The Beach Club, but please let us know, maybe send out an email to everyone that has one to give us the post-hurricane status.

    Stay safe!

    Glenna Morgan Potish

  2. Thank you for this update. We hope everything and everyone is safe. Please keep us updated as you learn new information.
    Thank you.

  3. Take care staff, so glad you guys are safe. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers

  4. I spoke to manager, Rhonda Swain. This is from Rhonda…

    Thank you all very much for your good wishes and concern. We are still unable to access the resort (Saturday 6:30pm). There is no power, Internet or phones at this time. We plan to be at the resort tomorrow. We believe we experienced damage from water intrusion on the first floor. We will be able to assess the damage and post an update Sunday. If power is restored Sunday we hope to be open on Monday or Tuesday.

    Rhonda Swain
    The Beach Club at St. Augustine.

  5. Glad you are all safe. Please update us on the damages once you can get in. I love coming to the Beach Club and hope everything is okay there.

  6. I am glad everyone is safe. How about some kind of update on the Beach Club ? The FPL website says power has been restored to the property. Maybe an email to those of us who have reservations this week ?

  7. This email was sent yesterday (Sunday) to all owners from whom we have email addresses. It said…

    Dear Beach Club Owners,

    Thank you very much for your good wishes and concern. We were able to access the resort today via the downtown bridge and the one at State Road 312. Our preliminary inspection shows no structural damage, no flood water intrusion and no pool damage or salt water intrusion in the pool. Some unit carpets were wet as a result of windblown rain, not flooding. They are being cleaned and dried. The resort currently has no power, phones, Internet or sewer. We have been told we will have phones and full power on Monday. Most of the town has a boil water notice in effect for 48 hours since Saturday but many stores and restaurants are open. There is water in the Mote at the Fort, which looks great! From my observation I believe we could open and accommodate some guests if we had power. Final inspection will be done when the power returns. We will update you when we have power so continue to watch your email. Thanks again.

    Rhonda Swain
    The Beach Club at St. Augustine

    • HI I checked all my emails but didn’t see one from Rhonda and I know my email is on file. So glad to see there was no damage from the hurricane and that everyone came through the storm safe. Was the power restored today? We are scheduled to arrive this coming Sunday the 16th so hoping all goes well this week and that we will be able to. Thank you!

  8. Following update sent by The Beach Club manager Monday evening (10/10/16)…

    Dear Beach Club fellow owners,

    While TBC sustained some minor damage, all staff made it without major incident. Everyone is OK. We are still in the process of determining damage but electric, phone, Internet and cable services are back on line. Access to the resort is limited from the south due to SR 206 bridge restrictions and the community working to meet the needs of our residents and other businesses. Some units are ready for occupancy, however some amenities remain unavailable for use at this time. Our swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Tennis Club facilities are not yet operational.

    We have received questions about the condition of the dunes. The dunes in front of the resort held the ocean water back as mother nature intended. Some have been washed away, but we still have a decent dune system between us and the ocean.

    We will continue to provide updates via email, the resort website blog at and our Facebook page at We are overwhelmed with phone calls. Please be patient and do not contact the resort unless absolutely necessary. Anybody having a unit to occupy this week please call or email to arrange your check in. We will be communicating with all of you about the damage, when we will be fully operational and what to expect as we work through this. Some local services will be pushed to their limits and we ask for everyone to understand.

    Thank you for your cooperation as work to get The Beach Club back to full operation continues. Thank you also for all of your prayers and well wishes. We are sorry that we cannot respond to all of you individually but know we do appreciate it.

    Rhonda Swain
    The Beach Club at St. Augustine

  9. Ronda,
    Great news…So happy all the staff are safe….are there any needs for the staff at this time due to loss or personal damage? Would love to help in any way we can….Best wishes for you, the staff and so happyThe Beach Club made it through safe with minimal damage. We will be there again this year to support our favorite vacation town and staff….The Beal’s.

  10. So glad to hear ya’ll came thru well. Worried about you all weekend. Sounds like things are going forward as well as can be expected. Thanks for all you do to keep the progress going. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Take care and know we’re thinking about you.

  11. Thanks for the updates and the great news that you are all well. If you need volunteers with cleanup we are ready to pack our car and come down to help our TBC family. Looking forward to seeing you all in April. Tom and Gladys O’Connor

  12. We had a family reunion with 2 units reserved for this week. Because of the hurricane family flights were delayed and difficult to rebook. Please let me know when and if we might be able to check in. At this point I am sure family will not be able to get flight for what would be left of the week vacation. I am so sadden by the devastation of our beautiful St. Augustine, but so glad that no one was hurt. All else can be replaced or repaired. Thank you to The Beach Club Resort Staff for all they do to make our family vacations memorable.

  13. Dear Beach Club fellow owners,

    We are open for business! All units are clean and ready for occupancy. The pool and hot tub were cleaned and the recirculating pumps and heaters re-started. After another cleaning yesterday and a few more hours of recirculating and filtering, they were both opened for use. The Tennis Club’s pools and fitness center are also open but the tennis courts won’t be open for a few weeks. Attractions in town are reopening and all bridges and roads in St. Augustine are also now open.

    Please continue to visit the resort website blog at and our Facebook page at

    Thank you for your cooperation while work to get The Beach Club back to full operation concludes. Thank you also for all of your prayers and well wishes. We are sorry that we cannot respond to all of you individually but know we do appreciate it.

    Rhonda Swain
    The Beach Club at St. Augustine

  14. So glad the staff is safe and the facility was not severely damaged. I have been going to TBC for 30 yrs. I look forward to going to my place of relaxation every year. I was very concerned about the storm. I am glad things are going so well. Thank you for making my life a little brighter. Take care.

  15. Just got back from our lovely week at the Beach Club. Being owners from the beginning, we worried about everyone working and living in St. Augusrine. Everyone seemed to be coping well. While the beach was messy at high tide, the Beach Club was protected by the dunes. I am glad they weren’t lowered or we would have not been so fortunate. Not only would we have not been able to enjoy our week, we would also be forking over monies to replace everything on the first floor.

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