Dune Update

I have no doubt that many owners are wondering what the condition of The Beach Club`s dune system is following the recent visit by Hurricane Matthew. If we use a “good news/bad news” comparison, the good news is our dune system did a phenomenal job in protecting our Beach Club from the storm surge. We were very fortunate that Matthew stayed far enough offshore to reduce the surge so that the dunes were not overwhelmed. The bad news is that our dune system is somewhat smaller, and our beach somewhat higher, than it was before Matthew came calling. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but there is no way of knowing what the long term effect on the dunes will be.

At this point we don’t have any idea how or if to proceed any further in the ongoing permit process with the State of Florida. The beaches and associated dune systems in St. Johns, Duval and other affected counties are currently being evaluated by FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers. Those agencies will determine whatever action is necessary to restore the coastal dunes damage by Matthew. We anticipate that emergency federal funding may become available at some point, but there is no indication right now when or if such funding may become available.

The Board of Directors accepts that we haven’t provided updates as often as promised, because we’ve had so little information to share. The permit process has taken much longer than we anticipated. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is very meticulous and thorough in discharging its statutory responsibilities. We can hardly expect anything less regarding issues as sensitive as dune preservation.

Going forward, we will include an update on the dunes every month in “News You Can Use,” even if we have nothing to report. We know our fellow owners are sensitive to the health and preservation of our dune system. We are owners, too, and we share your concern. Look for more information, as it becomes available. Thank you for all the feedback we’ve received. We truly appreciate your patience.

John Hamel, 2016 Board President

Hurricane Matthew

Unfortunately, we will not be able to access the resort until at least Saturday, October 8th or Sunday, October 9th so we are unable to see the damage or if there is any. If you have reservations for Sunday, October 9th please call the resort at 904-471-2626 Saturday or Sunday. There is no power at the resort at this time, 6pm Friday October 7, 2016. We are all safe.